Saturday, July 31, 2010

Missing my girl

We had a fun time with my friend Barbara and her family this week...they stayed with us during the fair since they had cows at the fairgrounds and our house is far closer to the fairgrounds than theirs (3 vs 25 minutes!). It was a houseful of chaos and craziness and it was obviously distracting because now that they are gone, I miss my girl!

Yes, the mom that is gung ho to send her kid off into the wild blue yonder to experience all life has to offer still misses her girl! We would be leaving early tomorrow morning to go get Bryn from camp if she were in a one week session like we had originally planned. Instead we still have a week to go before we go get her. And since the email and letters haven't been flowing in our direction, I am just needing a little reassurance that I haven't scarred her for life by sending her to camp for two weeks at the tender age of 8. I guess I better start saving for her therapy just in case.


Debi said...

Oh course you miss her, sweetie. Did you *really* think you were going to get through this experience without these pangs?

And you know, I wouldn't worry about the therapy--I'm sure she misses you, too, but somehow I think spending her time with all those animals is taking a whole lot of the sting out of not seeing Mom and Dad and Baby Brother. ;)

kreed said...

Debi- I am sure you are right! I am betting she is having the time of her life - I just wish she would send me a letter or email or two to tell me that! Doesn't she know her old mom needs some reassurance!?!?;)

scc said...

I've been saving for Rachel's therapy expenses for years. By the time Bryn is needing counseling (which she won't) I'm sure Rachel & I will have a good reference for you.

I know it's hard not to miss her or worry about things, but just give it all to the Lord. He can give you comfort.