Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sad, sick kid

Not looking too happy on the ride home...

She is feeling a lot better. She had no fever as of late yesterday afternoon and she is happily back to playing her DS while her brother terrorizes her. She is going to get to go back to camp for one of the two week sessions and the very nice camp director is going to credit the full amount we paid to the two week cost. So now just as long as her mom can survive TWO whole weeks of camp, Bryn is all set. Things are looking up and I am thankful for the blessing of a healthy kid and the generosity of a little camp in Missouri!

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Debi said...

That is one of the most heartbreaking little faces I have ever seen!!! I'm so glad she's on the mend!!! And I am so very happy to hear she's going to get to go back. :D