Monday, June 21, 2010

Bryn and Cherry Cola

Here is Bryn with the first animal she encountered at camp - a llama named Cherry Cola. Cherry Cola posed with about 200 kids and as far as I know, she didn't spit on anyone. That is a good natured animal!

I only took one other picture when we dropped her off and that one turned out blurry. Fortunately, I ordered the picture CD of all the pics that the counselors and directors take and Bryn has two disposable cameras. Hopefully someone will get capture the camp experience on film because obviously I can't be relied on to do so!

And since I actually have a pic of Grant enjoying his pool, I will post it, too. There will be no pool time today...more rain for us. I guess it at least gives me a good excuse not to leave the house!


Debi said...

Awwww...I'm totally in love with both those pictures!!!

I'm not sure I've ever seen Bryn's hair that long. Or is it just the tilt of her head? Anyway, she's just as beautiful as ever! And Grant--wowza--he's such a big boy--time is not supposed to fly this fast!!! We'd better make a trip westward before that little guy is off to college. I just can't believe we haven't even met him yet. :(

Keep the pictures coming, Kara! I love those sweet adorable faces! (And that includes yours and Aaron's, too!)

kreed said...

Bryn has been keeping her hair a little longer, but this about as long as it gets before it's time for a cut! She is not much into brushing or combing it, much less barrettes or ponytails, so there is a length limit!

Every time I see pictures of your kids I am in awe of how big they are getting. We really have to get together soon. Let's start thinking about a way to make that happen...

Melissa said...

You are a brave momma! I don't know if I could send Logan to camp that far from home. He'd do fine but I don't know how I would do. I'd do better if he was with family or close friends I guess. I hope you (and she) do well!

kreed said...

Melissa - I must admit it has freaked me out a little more than I thought it would. She has gone to Idaho for a week for the past 3 summers to hang with the grandparents and goes to Manhattan to spend time, but this is a little different without any family there. She was so excited to go, though, and with all of the animals, I figure she will be very, very happy! And the camp starts at age 7, so if other kids and moms can do it, we can to! Plus this just prepares me for when I send her far, far away to college!