Monday, December 14, 2009

What a weekend!

It was another crazy weekend! Although I think my perception of its craziness was tainted by the fact that I have a bad cols that seemed to make everything about 10 times harder than it really was. Fortunately, I seem to be on the mend - there is considerably less pain and snot today than there has been for the last few days. I do have comapny in my misery...poor little Grant has been battling it even longer than I have but he is far less whiny about it than I am!

Bryn and I went to Humane Society volunteer orientation on Thursday night so we are now ready to do our thing. It looks like we will be hanging out with the puppies and Kittens since Bryn is too young to work with any animals over 6 months old. We will play with them, walk, them, clip nails if we want to - basically whatever we feel like doing to make them a little happier and give them a better chance of getting adopted. The ycurrently have about 600 cats there and 300 dogs but not all of them are available for adoption so we have the option to work with about 1/4 of that amount. My main goal is to not come home with another pet...Aarin is in complete agreement with that objective!

Bryn and I and some friends went and saw the Kansas Nutcracker on Saturday night. It was lots of fun and helped get me geared up for seems I need all the help I can get this year to get into a festive mood! I am truly looking forward to heading to Boise to visit...I am excited to just hang out and not have any responsibilities to speak of - no school, no house to take care of, no running through my overscheduled life! Should be great!

It was a good day for church missions yesterday and therefore a rewarding day for me...the dinner fundraiser for Bridges of Hope for which we provide a once a month dinner for the disadvantaged) raised a little over $3000. We got all of the gifts (about 90 items!) we needed for our adopt-a-family, too, and those will be delivered bright and early this morning.

We have another busy week ahead but I hope to get lots of things crossed off of my to-do list in the process. Fortunately, I wouldn't have my life any other may be crazy busy, but it is fun!

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Debi said...

How awesome that Bryn gets to volunteer at the animal shelter! Annie wanted to do that, but they absolutely do not allow volunteers under 18 because of insurance issues. Same with the animal rehabilitation center here that she also looked into. She could volunteer at the zoo...but it's such a long drive that we didn't think we could swing that on a weekly basis. For now she's happy at the library though, so that's good.