Monday, December 14, 2009

End of an era

So that may be a bit dramatic, but it is the end of something. I never felt comfortable with the whole idea anyway, but that is just because I have a screw or two loose. At least that is what most people tell me when we talk about this.

What is "this"? The tooth fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and all of the other magical and mythical creatures that are just grown ups disguised as "magic". I think it all stems back to my childhood...

I remember being really pissed off when I found out that all of the magic present bringers were really just grown ups. Why? Because everyone had pulled one over on me. I mean, grown-ups aren't supposed to LIE...especially not to the kids they punish for lying!

So when Bryn was born, Aaron and I actually had discussions about whether or not we would have Santa at our house. I really am not a total Scrooge...I love the idea of a nice, jolly man who brightens up the lives of everyone at Christmas by bringing presents and has a whole herd of reindeer, so I decided in the end it would be kind of fun and surely my kid would figure it out pretty quickly and I wouldn't have to "lie" for long. I mean, I found out by the time I was 6 and certainly kids are more savvy these days, right? Well, I have been trying (subtly) to get Bryn to ask me about the reality of Santa for a couple of years, but she just wouldn't bite. It evidently took the tooth fairy not coming for 5 or 6 days this week (and, no, I did not forget on purpose!) to bring it all to a head. The conversation went something like this...

Me: So why do you think the tooth fairy might not have come?

Bryn: (Long pause) Maybe she was just really busy.

Me: Maybe. Do you think there might be any other reason?

Bryn: Do you?

Me: I don't know...tell me what you think.

Bryn: You tell me what you think.

Me: You tell me what YOU think.

Bryn: I am too embarrassed to say.

Me: Don't be embarrassed...I am your Mom and I won't think what you say is silly.

Bryn: (Long pause) Are you the tooth fairy, Mom?

Me: (Sigh of relief) Yes, I am. And guess who else I am?

Bryn: Santa?

Me: Yep!

Bryn: I had been thinking that since I was 6, but I was too embarrassed to say anything.

Me: Well, now that you know you get to do all the cool stuff like stay up late and put out presents for the little kids with Dad and I and the other grownups. And make sure not to tell anyone who doesn't know about Santa or the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny yet because you don't want to ruin the surprise.

Bryn: Woohoo! (I think this was because of the "stay up late" part...)

And there you have it. The end of my angst over Santa. And all the better that it happened now since I had to tell her that the post office may have lost her Santa gifts on the way to Boise and she might have a few fewer presents until we can hit the USPS up for the insurance money!

And don't remind me that I have to go through all of this again with kid number two...


Debi said...

The post office lost the kids Christmas gifts!!!! OH NO!!!!!! That's absolutely horrible...makes me want to cry!

Santa still lives here. Though not in the flesh and bone form he used to. We just say now that Santa is the "spirit of giving"...and I think they all have more fun "being Santa" than they ever did waiting for Santa. Gray especially...he's picked out a handful of his Pokemon cards for each person (yes, including the grown-ups!) and he's in the process of weaving everyone bookmarks and he's made "special" trading cards for Annie and Max...he just can't seem to stop! :D

kreed said...

Gray is such a sweet little guy...

I am hoping the box will still show up...I am going to try to remain calm until a couple of days before Christmas!

Bryn is already making plans for being Grant's tooth fairy. Since he is a light sleeper she figures she can dress up with clothes form the dress-up box so he won't recognize her if he wakes up when she is leaaving the money.

Jim said...

Kara: This is just priceless. It is an absolute treasure. Like Sherry and I say--how fortunate Bryn is to have you as a mom and Aaron as a wife. We think that Grant is fortunate too...but as you remarked when we last saw you he's growing up too fast... so we'll keep the wonderful myths going...and he and you will find the appropriate time to figure it all out.


Melissa said...

Oops! Logan lost TWO teeth on Sunday and as far as I know the tooth fairy hasn't come...maybe I should go check with Shaun on that now. He's been on the fence about Santa for a couple years now and I've just left it open ended. I think he's going to figure it out this time around but we have yet to discuss the subject again. I can cross my fingers and hope it won't happen until after Christmas. Then any time would be fine. Shane is having lots of fun being Santa along with us and I want him to be able to enjoy that again this year without Logan finding out.