Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's always something...

I took Grant to the ENT doc yesterday to check his tongue tie and the ENT is recommending having the tongue clip surgery now. Of course this freaks me out a bit - who likes the thought of putting their 16 month old under general anesthesia for an elective procedure? Additionally, the doctor is thoroughly convinced that Grant has a speech delay since he is only saying a handful of words. We are going in for a hearing test tomorrow and he wants to refer us to infant/toddler services for language screening. I am not really sure how you can possibly screen a 16 month old for speech and figure out what is normal but I guess I will get to find out. Grant "talks" constantly...he just doesn't say very may recognizable words. Mommy intuition tells m it will come soon and that he is on track but what does a mom know, right!?!?! It kind of feels like Bryn all over again when they freaked out about her size and made us jump through all kinds of hoops to prove we were feeding her correctly. I know the doctors are just doing their job but I fee like this doctor that has seen Grant one time and is not taking the time to look at the individual case. Ah well, at least life is never dull!


Debi said...

You're right, it is always something, isn't it? ;)

I'm sure you'll want to go through the screening, just to ease your mind, but my guess is that your Mommy intuition is right on track. On the one hand, I understand why doctors want to be diligent because early intervention is so important. But on the other hand, there's a whole range of NORMAL development. If it makes you feel any better, Max was a slow talker, too. At Grant's age, he had three words (bawlbee for ball, meemee for his blanket, and nonee meaning he wanted to nurse).
Good luck with everything, sweetie!!!!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you are probably right. I'd get a second opinion- that of a mom who's been through this. I'm sure you could probably ask for references at the doctor's office or from friends. Maybe you could find a couple online? I'd stick to what you know about your son before doing it. Your head is on straight! I agree with going through with the speech screening too, just to see what they say. Good luck!