Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting ready for school...and other stuff

I am busy working on getting my online classes ready, there is a school supply list on the counter and the pool is now only open on the weekends. It looks like summer is over!

The past few months have flown by and I am definitely ready to get back into a routine and settle in to the school year. Bryn is looking forward to second grade and Grant is going to go to Mother's Day will be very strange to be alone (well, with the pets of course!) in the house one day a week. I am excited about having a little bit of time to finally get some stuff organized, clean out a few closets and sneak in some good naps!

I am LOVING the new cabinets and countertops in the kitchen. It feels so much bigger and more counterspace and more cabinets are never a bad thing. I also do not regret for a minute taking out the Corian and replacing in with laminate. I think the finish on it and the beveled edge make it look better than the Corian did (which always looked like it needed to be polished) and it is a big bonus that is was a lot cheaper!

I made an appointment with a pediatric ENT to get a second opinion on Grant's tongue. We will see her in September. We also had Grant's hearing checked today (which is perfectly fine) and we will see the pediatrician in a couple of weeks. We will see what she has to say about his speech development but I am pretty convinced there is not a problem. He makes tons of animal sounds and can point to many of the animals in his books so I know his little brain is processing info. He may just be a man of few words like his Dad.

Looking forward to a nice weekend with absolutely nothing on the calendar...that hasn't happened in a while! I am sure we will fill it with all kinds of really stimulating activities (like school supply shopping and a trip to Sam's club) but it is great to not have anything scheduled.

Off to work on class some more - getting them ready is never fun but the minimal maintenance during the semester sure is great!


Debi said...

Man, I can't believe your summer is ending! Rich just gave his final on in a way, it seems like summer is just starting.

Enjoy a relaxing weekend!

Irritable Mother said...

All good things must come to an end, right???

Hey, regarding the tongue tie thing...Can I put in my two cents?
My Joshua (11) is tongue tied. When he was a baby the doc said they wouldn't do anything about it unless it interfered with speech when he was older. (Which, by the way - NONE of my kids were saying much of anything until they were about 2 years old. Haven't stopped since!)
Joshua does have a speech issue, a bit of a lisp, but it has nothing to do with his tongue. In fact, even though it's tied, he can still extend it quite far. And THAT is what he thinks is so cool - calls it his snake tongue because the tied part causes his tongue to look split when he sticks it out. It's a boy thing. Grant will love it! *grin*