Friday, March 27, 2009

Date Night!

Aaron and I actually went out to dinner tonight (and then went to Target but that part doesn't seem as cool!). Bryn was at her teacher's house for a movie night and is now spending the night at her friend Lauren's house. It was nice to get out with my husband and have a grown up night! We even drank beer (and I was excited about getting carded until I saw that they card everyone who looks under 40. Since I am not 40 just yet it wasn't much of a compliment after all!))

I broke down and bought an iPod shuffle last night so I did have some music on my 6 MILE walk today. I can tell you that 6 miles hurt a little more than I thought it would. Too bad I only have like a million miles left to go before I am done training. I did get to go without the dog or the stroller since Aaron was home for spring break today and that was quite a treat. Things get complicated when the little loose neighborhood dogs are trying to hump my dog as I walk him.

Grant's little birthday party is tomorrow. I am not sure if anyone will be here since we may get some snow but I figure Grant won't know the difference! This will be much more low key than Bryn's 1st birthday party...poor second kid!

On a final note, we finally came up with our team name for the walk. We went back and forth on whether we could use anything breast related since we are going to be fundraising and tracking training miles with the church. We just couldn't resist when we came up with "Tune in Tokyo" (T.I.T.) for short. Needless to say we will not be sporting out team t-shirts with the radio dials on the front and the team name on the back on Sunday anytime soon...


Debi said...

I'm sorry...I really want to ask about how Grant's party went and all...but I just can't quit laughing about your team name!

Irritable Mother said...

I'm laughing with Debi! And I can't seem to get the image of radio dials out of my head...What a stitch!
Oh, yeah, I hope the birthday party was fun. *grin*