Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday girl and other stuff

In the interest of fairness, I figured I better post a birthday picture of Bryn...better late than never, right?

So the toilet ate my iPod...well, kind of. I have an iPod nano that my in-laws gave me a year and a half ago (they got it with their computer and thought I might appreciate the hot pink little gadget!) that I finally broke out of the box since I have a 6 mile walk ahead of me tomorrow. Of course after spending 2+ hours yesterday fooling with it, it still wouldn't work. It would sync but wouldn't operate in any way once disconnected from the computer. Oh well (I think), I will just replace it for a newer and improved model. Or not! Who knew the damn things cost over $150!?!?! So maybe I will just upgrade my cell phone to an iPhone and use that as my iPod. Or not! They cost $399 (only $199) if I were eligible for an upgrade which I am not until October. Geez! Who knew I would have to sell a child to get some entertainment for myself while walking? So I sent Aaron to the Apple store to see if they could fix my poor wounded iPod and they don't have a battery in stock to see if that will solve the problem. Guess I'll listen to a lot of birdsong tomorrow!

And how is the toilet responsible, you ask? I wrote a check to the plumber today for $191 to replace some dumb leaking valve. Could have been a new iPod.


Debi said...

Damn plumber!

But just look at that beautiful girl with that beautiful smile!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Isn't she adorable, and that cake looks yummy too! Bummer on the iPod. I would be heartbroken! I have a really old iPod I still use, plus my iPhone I got for my birthday last October. I'd be extremely upset if one ended up near my toilet :( Hope you can get it fixed!

Jennifer said...

What a sweet picture...Happy Belated Birthday Bryn!
Sorry about your iPod woes!