Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We're back!

We are back in town. Although I should qualify that by saying that my physical being may be home but I think I left my mind somewhere on the 9 hour road trip! Hopefully I will recover enough to muddle through the next few busy days and post some pics from Mema's birthday. Until then I am off to vegetate...

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Debi said...

Kara, my dear, I think you need about three solid weeks worth of vegetating!

What's the plan for Bryn's birthday? Big party? Small family thing? Or more likely, both? Please, please, please, apologize to her for me! I'm afraid I'm not going to get her gift in the mail until tomorrow, which means it will be late. :(

I hope she has a wonderful day!!! And I hope her poor Mama survives whatever celebrations she's got planned. ;)