Friday, November 14, 2008

Not happening

Bryn is lobbying for another dog. And as mean as it may be, I don't think that will be happening! Two cats, a dog and a fish are plenty at this point. We did tell her if she helps with the pets, does her chores and is responsible for an entire year, we can revisit the idea NEXT Christmas. Somehow I think we are probably safe on that one. Of course as soon as I said it, I remembered the "staying up all night" debacle when I told her she could (believing she would fall asleep around midnight like she always had before) and we ended up watching the sunrise together on the back porch. I may be asking for dog breed suggestions this time next year!


Debi said...

You know, if she can come through on all that for a whole year, it might be worth another dog, huh? I'd feel pretty confident that mine would all blow it.

Rich just added to our along with the dog, two cats, seven mice, tankful of guppies and snails, and the tarantula, we have hissing cockroaches. I was not consulted on this acquisition. :(

Irritable Mother said...

Yep. You've got to be careful what you promise - that you don't think they'll be able to accomplish. *groan*
But like Debi said - if she holds up her end of the bargain for a whole year...