Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stuff and things

I am behind on blogging (as usual) and it's not looking good as far as extra time to catch up in the next week. So a quick recap of the past couple of weeks will have to suffice.

In family news, Nicole had her baby and everyone is doing well. Nicole was looking forward to being able to sleep on her stomach again...hopefully Bonnie will let her try that out before she realizes how fun it is to get up to eat a million times a night.

Mema also had her PET scan and that showed no cancer at this point - wonderful, wonderful news!

We spent the weekend in Branson with Mom and John and had a lot of fun. It was a short trip but we packed in a lot of activities - swimming, golfing, fishing, putt putt. Mom, Grant, Bryn and I went to see "Noah: The Musical". They used some live animals (which is why we went since I knew Bryn would dig that!) and it was really pretty cool. I must admit I was quite shocked by the unapologetically Christian way it was presented (which I guess shouldn't be surprising with a title like "Noah: The Musical") - even the theatre itself had a statue of Jesus outside. I am just not used to that kind of presentation in these generally politically correct and more secular times.

Fortunately it was a quick weekend trip as I found Harvey locked in our bedroom when I got home. I am so used to closing the bedroom door to keep Elmer from getting into trouble that in my haste to get out the door I locked poor Harvey in. He had no food or water for almost 48 hours but seems no worse for the wear. He went for the food first (in true 19 pound cat fashion) and doesn't seem to be dehydrated. I checked with the vet to make sure I shouldn't be worried and was told that as long as he is acting normal he should. The corner of our closet that the poor guy turned into his temporary litter box (the poor guy even tried to cover it up with some dirty clothes and a CD case) seems to be fine, too. Thank goodness for Nature's Miracle and that the corner of the carpet can easily be pulled up and cleaned!

Bryn's first day of school is tomorrow. She is very excited and I am finding it hard to believe I have a kid in first grade...time sure flies! I'll try to post a few pics tomorrow...

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