Monday, February 6, 2012

Of lice and nuns

Kind of like mice and men, no?

It is well past time for a blog update, but I just haven't had much to say. Actually, that is not true...I just haven't had much to say in public. Because despite the fact that I started this blog as my journal, ready to throw it all out here, there are still a few things I keep private. Shocking for those of you who know me in real life, I know...I tend to not keep much to myself. The long and the short of it is that I am still struggling with tidying up my relationship world and just can't seem to quite get there. There are some relationships I have held on to that I need to let go and some relationships that I have let slide that I need to hold on to. When I get it sorted out, I will be sure to post. Actually, I probably won't have to - my screams of joy and accomplishment will be heard the world over.

Anyway, back to lice and nuns...

A few weeks ago, we had our first encounter with head lice at the Reed house and if I never experience that again, it will be too soon. Bryn acquired the creepy crawlies somewhere, was duly mortified and is now lice free (knock on wood). I have learned more about the life cycle of lice than I wanted to know, exactly how hard it is to remove nits from hair and that Tonganoxie Elementary School is completely non-sensical when it comes to keeping the school lice free. On the bright side, I figure I am now a valuable community resource as I have become somewhat of a lice expert.

In January, I went on a "nun retreat" in Atchison, Kansas with a friend and had a fabulous time. I had some time for reflection, got to eat in a nun cafeteria, bonded with my friend, stayed in a cool Victorian house and got to experience Benedictine prayers (they sing. I did not know this). Said friend and I have already signed up for nun retreat, Round 2 in September...needless to say, it was relaxing and refreshing.

I also has a fabulous trip to Memphis with my friend Lisa. We were there for the funeral of Lisa's childhood friend's parents, but it was the most fun funeral trip I have ever had! I finally went to Graceland, ate some good food, saw friends and family, met some neat people and got to spend 16 hours in the car bonding with Lisa.

Christmas was great...nice and relaxing with Aaron's parents and brother at our house. Although I have a tough time staying still, it was really nice to have a slower paced holiday. Of course the kids were spoiled rotten, I got more presents than I needed and I ate too much. I love holidays.

I just got back from a trip to Chicago. I met dad there and we stayed with my grandparents and it was as nice a trip as I have had there in years. My Grandpa was more talkative and engaged than I have seen him in eons and my Grandma seemed to be feeling pretty good. She was playing Scrabble on her iPad when I left. I am thankful for the time with them and with my Dad - it was a truly lovely trip.

There are, of course, a million other little things both good and bad going on, but those are some of the highlights. Now back to's a new semester and the grading is piling up.

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