Monday, May 9, 2011


I am currently reading a very interesting book called "The Year of Living Biblically" by A.J. Jacobs. In this book, the author spends a year trying to follow ALL of the rules of the Bible. His initial list of rules is around the 750 mark. That's a lot of rules.

For the couple of weeks, I have been feeling quite "pebbled". In the book,the author loosely tries to obey one of God's rules to stone sinners. He finds one, but decides that throwing stones is a bit extreme and ends up throwing a pebble at the man instead. The description of the whole experience made me laugh out loud - the idea of "pebbling" someone was quite amusing. Until I began to feel pebbled. Not stoned, mind you - I haven't had any big hits. Just a lot of stings ranging from slightly annoying to those that produced enough adrenaline to make my blood sugar go up.

The week began with the resignation of the local library director. As the board president (who is quite comfortable just coasting along and running the monthly meeting), this produced almost a full-blown panic attack. I don't know the first thing about searching for and hiring a new director except that it will probably take longer than the few weeks we have to find one before we are director-less. Shit. Coasting is no longer an option.

Finding water in the basement on the tile and parts of the carpet was less than welcome. Fortunately, it was an easy fix (mis-directed output hose from the water softener). And heck, the new water ring stains look mighty nice with the holes in the ceiling from when said water softener was installed.

Some smaller pebbles ranged from not enough people signed up for the mission team garage sale to my 3 year old screaming at me constantly to students begging for last minute extra credit and grade changes after not working hard enough all semester to get the desired grade.

And then a bigger pebble - one that makes me think that it might just be time for me to sit down, shut up and be still. I desperately need a certified postal delivery on this one. Although a burning bush would be just fine. And making it the Russian sage out front would be fine - especially if you burn it up in the end.


Debi said...

*hugs hugs hugs* Virtual hugs seem a little inadequate, but they are very sincere. And if there's anything more I can do, don't you dare hesitate to ask.

Strat said...

"Always look to the bright side of life" monty. :)