Monday, March 22, 2010

History made...I guess.

The house passed the Healthcare Reform Bill last night and of course the nation is consumed with the subject. The Republicans are running for the hills screaming that the sky is falling and the Democrats are all smug and self-worshipping. And I have yet to hear anyone tell me (without using smoke and mirrors and some kind of math I have never heard of) how the hell this is going to be PAID FOR! Did we not learn anything from TennCare? And before you tell me about the beautiful socialized health care system in Sweden, may I point out that our population is more than 30 TIMES larger than theirs?!?! Makes it a little more challenging to regulate the system, dontcha think?

I personally think the bill was a piece of crap in the form it was passed (as if I really know what that is since I don't think there is a soul on the planet who actually knows what is in it), but that is neither here nor there. What frustrates me the most is that people in this country actually believe (and they are probably right) that the government has the power to save us or break us. When did we hand over our rights as citizens to run our own country to these dumbasses on Capitol Hill? When did we begin relying on government to take care of us from cradle to grave? One thing I am pretty sure of is that most politicians are crooked, self-serving, power-hungry morons who are only interested in keeping their fat cat jobs. Cynical much? Yes, I am. And will remain so until someone can convince me to feel otherwise. I am pretty sure the Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves. God help us all.


Amanda said...

It started with "The New Deal" under FDR. I think we all should affect British accents in protest to socialized medicine and hang a picture of Mao, Lenin, and Stalin in our homes to remind ourselves that we just handed them the power to send us to the gulag........Hope that was different than "the sky is falling"

Anonymous said...
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Melissa said...

Ah, waht a breathe of fresh air! :) It's nice to know there are people out there that think the way I do. Having worked in a couple medical offices we've seen a lot that has effected how we think of this but in good ways. Shaun is starting to come around too.