Monday, February 22, 2010

What is normal, anyway?

I was about to say things are back to normal, but I think I probably have at least to other posts with that as the title. Plus, I find myself redefining "normal" all the time so I don't think "back to normal" is really accurate anyway.

I had a really tough trip to Chicago last week. It started out very well with a night in the city with cousin Julie. We did some shopping, had dinner at a nice Japanese restaurant and had a few drinks at a nice jazz bar. But things went downhill from there. When we got to my grandparents house, we found my grandmother not feeling well and in the midst of firing there live-in caregiver who was planning to show up anytime with her some to "discuss" the situation and try to get her job back. It was all over a couple of days later, but the drama and trauma that occurred in the time between our arrival and departure was just as bad as anything cooked up by my 2 and 7 year old on any given day. It is just such a difficult situation with the rest of the family being so far away. Julie and I did enjoy spending time with our "little" cousins - we had a great time with Abbie and Molly even if we do have 20 + years on them!

I gave up snacking after dinnertime for Lent this year. I may or may not survive...time will tell!

Aaron and I went to see "Young Frankenstein" the musical on Friday. It was very funny and we were happy with our season ticket seats. What treat to have a night out with my hubby!

I have had a pretty lazy last few days. On Saturday, none of us changed out of our pajamas and since Bryn had a snow day today, I used it as an excuse to not leave the house. I think I am finally ready to get going - this recovery has taken long enough.

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Debi said...

I'm not sure I understand quite what went on at your grandparents, but I can tell it was beyond stressful. I'm really sorry, Kara. Really truly sorry. But I'm glad you're home and starting to feel better. I'm sure a night out with your sweetie was really good medicine. :) And I hope you're able to get more doses of that sort of medicine very soon!