Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On our own

Dad and Cheryl left yesterday so we are on our own. Fortunately we are past the worst of our stomach crud so now we just have to figure out how to readjust to life with a baby. So far Grant is still a pretty quiet and sleepy baby so it is about as easy as it gets to deal with diapers, extra laundry and middle of the night feedings. Which is still taking some adjustment on our part!

We are still enjoying meals coming every other night from friends and it is nice to not have to cook. Now if I can just get the house straightened and cleaned, some thank you notes written and get rid of the last of this nausea I can get over my grumpies (I know my husband would be extremely grateful for an attitude adjustment on my part!).


~**Dawn**~ said...

Good grief! That is one persistent stomach bug!

Debi said...

Goodness girl...I do hope by the time you read this you are back to feeling 100 percent! This is not the time to be feeling so lousy...not there is a good time to have a stomach bug, but you know what I mean.

Susan said...

Hope you all are feeling better and adjusting well. I know that some of the juggling was absolutely difficult when I had DS 4...I think it had to do with being a bit older when I had him.



gail@more than a song said...

It's always an adjustment even if the baby is good...I'm helping out now with a new one, along with 2 toddlers! But I get to go home afterwards!